All Australian universities are assessed against a checklist of measures the university could have in place to support LGBTI students.  For specific criterion used please visit the criteria page. These measures include:

  • A policy protecting LGBTI students from discrimination and bullying 
  • Mandatory training for staff around LGBTI discrimination 
  • Information, resources and welfare support for LGBTI students
  • Health support for LGBTI students
  • Events for LGBTI students
  • A dedicated society/societies for LGBTI students
  • Consultation with LGBTI students (for example through representation on boards and committees)
  • Monitoring and data collection around sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status
  • An ally network for LGBTI staff and students
  • Specific career advice for LGBTI students
  • Membership of the Pride In Diversity programme
  • Involvement with the broader community on LGBTI issues (for example through local LGBTI events, or active engagement with prospective LGBTI student applicants)
  • Support for transitioning students
  • Access to sports facilities for trans and intersex students
  • Support for students who identify as non-binary. 

In completing this assessment, we are cognisant that the needs of students who are intersex, trans or gender diverse may differ from those whose sexual orientation is non-traditional (that is, lesbian, gay and bisexual students). In addition, we recognise that bisexuals face specific issues in addition to those faced by gays and lesbians and will consider each university’s actions accordingly.

The assessment has been made on the basis of information which is publicly available through university and student union websites mirroring the information easily accessible to a prospective student who is considering applying to study at a university.

What the icons mean –

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.20.49 pm  – A tick means that the University has clearly met the provisions of the criteria

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.21.01 pm– A cross indicates that the University does not meet the criteria

exclamation– An exclamation means that it is unclear whether the University meets the criteria.    The policy or information provided may not cater specifically to LGBTI students, or not enough information is publicly available in order to determine a tick or a cross.